Kiron Movement Academy was established for anyone from any background who are keen and interested to learn the concept theories and skills of Transpersonal, Jungian Approach, Reichian Somatic, Bioenergetics as well as Astrology and Human Design to help others. I share these knowledge and skills based on my 17 years of experience of private practice.

Kiron Movement was established in 2016 and had produced over 30 graduates.

Kiron is adopted from the name of Archetype Chiron, Half Man Half Horse, the Wounded Healer from Greek Mythology.

At this moment, Sanggar Jiwa Bertumbuh is the organizer of the class. Please click below link to download the brochure. You may contact directly for registration and participation to the contact numbers and person listed in the brochure.

Age of Aquarius Society

This community is established to continue further study, learning and application after passing and graduating from Kiron Movement Academy. You must join Kiron Movement first before you are eligible to join Age of Aquarius Society.

Advance skills will be shared and taught for further individuation process from Psychological and Spiritual perspective for your Personal Journey.

Many activities are conducted from Lectures, Workshops, Group Sharing and Traveling together as a Study Tour. Membership fee is applicable to join this Society should you be interested to further study.