Here you may learn all concept, theories and practical application of Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Anything from Assagioli’s work of Egg Diagram, Star Diagram, Subpersonalities, Disidentification, and and many more.

Click each Transpersonal course, pay and learn them at your own will, pace and time.

1. All Videos & Audios are LIVE RECORDING of Seminars, Workshops and Sessions conducted Live by Coach Yusa personally.
2. All Videos and Audios are recorded in BAHASA INDONESIA.
3. All Videos and Audios are recorded for Educational Purpose and exercises contained in Video & Audio have therapeutical effect, however, each conditions of individual are unique and different, so you need to have a supervision and guidance from Coach Yusa in private and personal sessions if you would like to have effective and progressive results. Therefore, any exercises given in Video & Audio are NOT guaranteed to have therapeutical effects on you.
4. Coach Yusa and any parties associated with him are NOT responsible for any effect from any exercises given in this Video & Audio.